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2nd Wives Need to be Nice to 1st Wives


Or it may cost a bundle.  A jury just awarded a 1st wife $500,000 who sued Alford Patterson’s 2nd wife for “alienation of affection and criminal conversation”.  The alienation of affection is pretty obvious.  The “criminal conversation” I assume refers to the adultery: The suit states that the Pattersons reared two children and “acquired substantial […]

How I May Have Saved Suzy Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars


Life can be very ironic. Back a few years ago I found out that Suzette and her boyfriend Mark Gerpheide purchased a golf membership at Mission Hills Country Club.  As a result of this information, I looked up Mark Gerpheide under the property records in Riverside County and found he had bought a condominium in […]

Come On, This is Ridiculous


Suzette Howes owes my sister and me $1.8 million plus interest as per the judgment shown here. And the government has information about her credit, customs, social security, medicare and tax records.  Why does Suzette’s right to privacy trump our legal claim?  In order to protect her privacy, could not a disinterested third party be […]

Not Dead


You can go to this link and put anyone’s name in the boxes and find out if they have been reported as dead to the Social Security Administration. As I have Suzy’s social security number, I can also search that way. As of today, not reported dead. Monty Python: Not Dead Yet Related articles by […]

Last known addresses of Suzette Howes


Newport Beach, California Rancho Mirage, California Dessert Hot Springs, California Haleiwa, Hawaii SotoGrande, Spain Carrollton, Texas Port Aransas, Texas Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Solano Beach, California Gulfstream, Florida Delray Beach, Florida Orlando, Florida Miami, Florida Ship Bottom, NJ 30 Rockefeller Center, New York, New York W 9th St, New York, New York W 12th St, New […]

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