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About Suzy

Original Cast Windows on the World 1976

Original Cast Windows on the World 1976

aka Suzette Hennion Howes, Sezette Howes, Suzette Schlatter, Suzy Howes, Suzy H Howes, Suzy Hennion, Suzette Hennion, Suzette H Howes

The “Suzette Howes” this site refers to was born Suzette Schlatter, grew up in NJ, worked for Windows on the World of the World Trade Center as Banquet Director, was married for a brief time to someone with a last name of Hennion and later married Robert A (Alan) Howes who was a partner in a major New York City law firm. She has a brother named Ralph Schlatter and a sister, Jeanette.  She also has had at least 14 known addresses since 1993 and counting.

Any resemblance to anyone else besides the above person is entirely coincidental.

Suzy, if you are reading this, here is an interesting website about WOTW (site has been take down).  Not sure why you are not in the above picture unless that is you in the upper right corner or perhaps fourth from the left in the front.  Here is a pdf from 1977 that I am sure will also bring back memories.

Suzy's House was owned by Mark Gerpheide to hide her ownership

Suzy Howes’ Previous Residence in Southern California

This is one of Suzy’s prior homes in Riverside County, California.  Paid for with money that should have been paid to my mother.

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