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How I May Have Saved Suzy Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

California Real Estate

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Life can be very ironic.

Back a few years ago I found out that Suzette and her boyfriend Mark Gerpheide purchased a golf membership at Mission Hills Country Club.  As a result of this information, I looked up Mark Gerpheide under the property records in Riverside County and found he had bought a condominium in Mission Hills.  Now a private investigator had already checked out Mr. Gerpheide several years earlier and it was pretty much concluded back then that he was not a man who could afford a Palm Springs lifestyle.  In fact he died with a substantial unpaid California tax lien.

So when I located Gerpheide and Suzette Howes living in a condo in Palm Springs it was easy to assume that the actual funds used to purchase the condo came from Suzy and not Mark.  Because of that conclusion, my attorney in Palm Springs obtained a temporary restraining order(TRO) on the condo preventing Mark Gerpheide from selling the property until he proved it was not purchased with funds from Suzette.

Suzette was able to vacate my mother’s judgment against her in the Hawaii court (which is a story for another day) and therefore the TRO no longer was valid since there was no longer any judgment to enforce against Suzette (until she disappeared again and the judgment was reinstated).  Suzette Gerpheide turned right around and sold the condo for something in excess of $800,000 to make sure any future claim from my mother’s estate would be thwarted.  Suzette soon thereafter ignored the lawsuit against her in Hawaii and went back into hiding.

This all happened in 2006 at the height of the real estate boom.  I am pretty sure if Suzette had still owned that condo today, it would be hundreds of thousands of dollars less in value due to the hefty downturn in the California real estate market.

Oh the irony.  You are welcome Suzy.

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