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Never Ending Divorce

I used to joke with friends that my parents’ are fighting even in death.  For about the last 9 or so years of their marriage, my parents averaged two or three nights a week getting drunk and screaming at each other.  For about 10 years after they divorced, they did not speak to each other at all. Then the fighting began again indirectly when my mother began legal proceedings to enforce her divorce agreement provisions.   Though my father died in 1999 (and my mother in 2002), the legal part of my parents’ divorce did not really end (at least for now it has ended), until the reinstatement of a judgment against my father’s second wife in 2007 originally rendered in 2003.  I figure they spent about 25 years fighting directly and through their attorneys.

And approximately $600,000 in legal fees plus whatever my Dad’s second wife spent to defend and hide herself from the reach of the civil court system was the final financial cost.  Ultimately what they received for the money was misery.

And attorneys’ continue to laugh all the way to the bank.  Justice is very expensive.

Someone once said to me if you add up all the unhappiness of both parties to a divorce, the total exceeds 100%.

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