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This is about a $1.8 million unpaid judgment against Suzette Hennion Howes.

Suzette (2nd wife of my father) and my father moved in 1993 to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, then two locations in Texas and finally to Haleiwa Hawaii breaking off all communication with me, my sister and my mother in order to avoid enforcement of the lifetime alimony and estate provisions contained in my parents’ separation (divorce) agreement.

In 1999, my father died without a will in Hawaii leaving a multimillion dollar estate to my stepmother, Suzette, in primarily jointly titled real estate holdings. Suzette then fled Hawaii and secretly lived in the Palm Springs, California area with a gentleman named Mark Gerpheide.

In the meantime, my mother pursued obtaining a default judgment against Suzette Howes and my father’s estate.  She died before the judgment was issued.  A judgment was issued by the Circuit Court of Hawaii in favor of the Estate of Dolores A. Howes.  I am the personal representative of the Estate of Dolores A. Howes.

Less than a year after the judgment was entered,  I just happened to Google the name “Suzette Howes” and hit upon her name along with Mark Gerpheide’s name as new members of the Mission Hills Country Club.  A golf membership costs tens of thousands of dollars at Mission Hills Country Club.

Suzette was found through a private investigator and subsequently served in Palm Springs. Suzette successfully convinced a Hawaii judge that the default judgment should be vacated on the grounds that she was not properly served originally and she thought the entire matter had been settled previously.

The Hawaii judge recommended mediation in Hawaii which was unsuccessful.  Mark Gerpheide died five days after the mediation.  My mother’s estate commenced a lawsuit against Suzette Howes.  Suzette failed to appear for that lawsuit and the original judgment from 2003 was reinstated by the Circuit Court of Hawaii.

Suzette’s current whereabouts and her assets are unknown.

This website’s purpose is to inform others about this unsatisfied judgment in order to develop information that will lead to the collection of the judgment.

If anyone has such information, a compensation arrangement may be offered in exchange for the information.

The source of any information will be kept strictly confidential.

Thank you.

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